Cute Cat Looking

US researchers have opened their doors inviting cat owners to participate in a special project that uses GPS tracking technology to track the movement pattern of cats for nine days (no doubt a nod to their “lives”).

Your Wild Life, a team of biologists and researchers, in collaboration with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science and animal movement database organization Movebank, are behind the project and have already had several successful studies where a little more about cats was learned each time.

The project’s aim is to hopefully learn some of the mysteries of where and what cats do when they are out of one’s home and in the wild. Things like the types of landscapes cats choose to walk through is an area being looked into by feline researchers that may unlock some of the mysteries of these ancient creatures that have been as close to mankind as domesticated dogs, being represented as gods in some ancient cultures (Egypt).

With the use of specially built GPS harnesses just for cats, different “cat fleets” or teams of 10-12 cats will be monitored simultaneously.

For cat owners that are interested please visit the Cat Tracker project website for more information on how to sign a cat up.